Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yarn is Keeping Me Company

Probably not a blog worth reading-just trying to keep my blog on! Hubby has been gone all week so I have been in completion mode-can't wait to put pics online -new excuse this week-camera has taken a trip to the beach with hubby! Off the needles this week- I had a request for a scarf that looks like a boa (perfect for some, maybe a little over the top for others) and the short row scarf on which I really suggest for anyone that thinks scarves are no fun! I think this one may be worth it. I need not be knitting but holiday shopping! Does 80 degree weather melt everyone's Christmas spirit?? I have not bought the first gift-maybe instead of bloggin' I should be internet shopping!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, so can I get a little credit for this not taking me 4 months to post. Though my promises of a pic are worthless...I promise before the end of the month I will post the Lara sweater. In my defense the digital camera is at home, I take the time to blog from home, guess where the sweater is??? AT THE SHOP!!! I know it is not hard to post the pics, just a little geographically challenging. I am putting the camera in my knitting bag in hopes it will make it to the shop with the sweater...
Enough about my shortcomings...I have started a Nashua Simple Jacket that I think many of you will want to start asap, even if you have sweaterphobia. Did you notice the name? Simple!!! it is also knit on large needles...can we say instant gratification??? I hope to finish it this weekend but it is off to the in-laws house on Saturday-not that I don't enjoy a little QT with the family but none of my new family knits so that don't quite grasp the ADDICTION! I have only been married 45 days I am still breaking them in. Give me 90 days and we are in business.

Inserting camera into work bag....are ya'll proud yet ????

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Have you been on ravelry? That is the echo throughout the store for the past month! So tonight I took some time to sit down and try to unravel this thing called Ravelry! It is worth all of the buzz around the yarn world and most surprisingly it inspired me to blog. Oh wonder of wonders. Maybe I am back on the bloggin horse for good this time. Fingers crossed!
As I type this my new and improved digital camera is charging so on tomorrow's blog-yes tomorrow-I can show off what might be one of my new favs. It is called the Lara-the perfect name did attract me to this sweater but that is not all. This sweater is from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk-I knit it in Louisa Harding but the attraction is definitely the lack of dreadful seams! It is a cardigan knit from side to side-AWESOME. You'll see...

The needles are calling my now not the computer keys....

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

'A' for Effort

Okay, so I am getting better at the timeliness of my posts, don't you think?? Unfortunately, no pictures can be posted right now because I am having digital camera difficulty. I did complete the openwork summer top I was working on last week and I think it looks pretty good. However, when I tried it on I was not nearly as thin or tan as I had hoped! Unfortunately, that is not a knitting error. This weekend I started the wrap tunic on the front of the most recent Interweave Knits and I love how quickly it is moving. Hopefully, I will solve this camera issue around the time I finish it. My goal is to wear it to Scott's law school graduation-unless once again a pasty white model puts it on. We will see.
Everything in the shop is just great. Classes are filling up and there will be a new classes scheduled by the end of next week. Don't forget to sign up for the Entrelac Class next week-May 9th-Allison is teaching it and she is an Entrelac Expert!! Check out pattern she is teaching at This is a great class for any of you that are looking to step up your knitting game. I know in June we will be having a fair isle class, sock class, and the REAL MEN KNIT night! I will keep you posted about the dates-just keep checking the blog. Peer pressure helps. Happy knitting!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Miss me?

Okay, so those visions of blogging grandeur were shattered last night when I was so nicely reminded (thanks Alicia) that I had not posted anything since MARCH 19th...oops!!! So what have the past 30+ days brought my way...
Yarn, yarn, yarn-I have tons of new yarn for the summer months and in Cola we know that is necessary. Twenty new colors of Blue Sky Cotton have arrived with wonderful names like pickle, tomato, and circus peanut! Yesterday I filled a shelf with Recycled Silk from Nepal-such original colors there is no dye lot guarantee. That is definitely on my To Knit list. As soon as I finish the 3 projects on needles right now. Right now I am spending most of my time with Ella Rae and the patchwork blanket knit along. The knit along has been great fun even if the progress has been slow. I cannot wait for another knit along-no pressure of teaching a class but the "support group" effect. We all give our translation of the pattern and choose the one we like the best! What will we knit along next??
I am in the process of putting together a cool summer top that I will post a picture of as soon as it is finished. It has really open but will be smashing with a tank. You should be able to see pictures of next week. Finishing is not my favorite part -so give me the weekend.
I promise I am changing my blogging ways-but comments would be a little motivation-hint, hint! Happy Friday.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Finding a Routine

So I am still getting the hang of this blogging -want to do it a little more often than once a week! Finding the balance between sitting and knitting and blogging! Last week I picked up a great 2 day project but could not pick up my laptop. From the One Skein Wonder book, my choose was Shrug This!! It fits and I made it out of yummy Blue Sky Alpaca cotton. I will post a picture as soon as I charge my camera. Definitely, a great summer project, especially when you are having commitment issues as myself. Now I am working on a tie for Scott's birthday-thankfully he is not in a habit of checking my blog! His birthday is tomorrow so for the only time it is good we live in different cities. I should have it finished before we are together again. Better get to knitting-he is making a trip to Cola on Wednesday!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11, 2007
The store may be close to reaching capacity. I received 16 boxes of yarn last week. It was like Christmas and all of my presents fit just right!!! There are still 3 boxes left unopened but before we open on Tuesday everything will be out. We had a bit of a delay when a shelving unit collapsed on Friday. Oops, so much yarn, so little room. No worries, the shelving unit has been replaced and no yarn was injured. Tomorrow I am placing a Rowan order and that should hold me for a while. If you have not been in the store lately, you need to stop by and see what has arrived.