Monday, June 29, 2009

July Class Schedule-just trying to get the word out!

July Class Schedule

July 1st and July 8th 6pm Norah Gaughan Flower Power Top $30 Summer top that teaches many bobbles and cables.

July 7th and 14th 6pm Beginner Class $25-Learn all of the knitting basics-refer a friend to the class and get 20% off your next purchase. Just tell the new knitter to let me know you referred them.

July 7th and 14th 6:30pm Patchwork Baby Bloomers $30 Adorable baby gift. Learn a cable cast-on, color work, and increases/decreases while making these precious bloomers.

July 15th, 22nd and August 5th 6pm Christmas in July $30 –Two great felting projects this year. Learn to make a wine bag and a dog leash. Start these now-they are easy and you can finish many gifts before December.

Wrap Class July 28th - continued throughout the year
Afghan Class July 29th - continued throughout the year

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movin' on Up...Up Devine Street that is!

Awfully exhausted to type, but wanted to give a little update on our wonderful new location! Yesterday, we moved the yarn trash bag by trash bag. After every last ball found its way to a new home, we called it a day. Today, with the help of two pick up trucks, we transported every last fixture to the new location 2900 Devine Street! Things are starting to shape up, slowly but surely as moving often is. We called it a day early this evening, to save some sanity. When you are moving, have you ever gotten to that place where everything ends up in the junk drawer? Well, I needed a break before the junk drawer looked more like a back room! Early to bed, one more day before the doors open at a new store!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Belief in Mankind

So, today my belief in mankind was renewed!!!We are in the process of painting the new store(2900 Devine Street-in case you have not heard) and it is a beast. The walls were the color of a terra cotta pot, making it feel more like an adobe than a delightful store and the ceilings were painted baby food green, like the sky was falling but you were a tiny person on a baby bib and the sky was the mouth of a baby newly on food! Can you picture it?

Anyway, Mrs. Jot, the store I share space with, happened upon a painter yesterday! We could not afford for him to paint the entire store but the ceilings were a job only Mr. In the Loop and Mr. Jot were tall enough to complete, you can only imagine their excitement (can you say not so silent business partners?) This afternoon we went to pay the painter for our brand new ceilings and he had finished the ENTIRE store for no extra charge. Just said he had and slow morning and "wanted to help a sister out." Praise the Lord-what a man!!! If any of you need a painter, I know just the guy!