Friday, April 27, 2007

Miss me?

Okay, so those visions of blogging grandeur were shattered last night when I was so nicely reminded (thanks Alicia) that I had not posted anything since MARCH 19th...oops!!! So what have the past 30+ days brought my way...
Yarn, yarn, yarn-I have tons of new yarn for the summer months and in Cola we know that is necessary. Twenty new colors of Blue Sky Cotton have arrived with wonderful names like pickle, tomato, and circus peanut! Yesterday I filled a shelf with Recycled Silk from Nepal-such original colors there is no dye lot guarantee. That is definitely on my To Knit list. As soon as I finish the 3 projects on needles right now. Right now I am spending most of my time with Ella Rae and the patchwork blanket knit along. The knit along has been great fun even if the progress has been slow. I cannot wait for another knit along-no pressure of teaching a class but the "support group" effect. We all give our translation of the pattern and choose the one we like the best! What will we knit along next??
I am in the process of putting together a cool summer top that I will post a picture of as soon as it is finished. It has really open but will be smashing with a tank. You should be able to see pictures of next week. Finishing is not my favorite part -so give me the weekend.
I promise I am changing my blogging ways-but comments would be a little motivation-hint, hint! Happy Friday.