Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, so can I get a little credit for this not taking me 4 months to post. Though my promises of a pic are worthless...I promise before the end of the month I will post the Lara sweater. In my defense the digital camera is at home, I take the time to blog from home, guess where the sweater is??? AT THE SHOP!!! I know it is not hard to post the pics, just a little geographically challenging. I am putting the camera in my knitting bag in hopes it will make it to the shop with the sweater...
Enough about my shortcomings...I have started a Nashua Simple Jacket that I think many of you will want to start asap, even if you have sweaterphobia. Did you notice the name? Simple!!! it is also knit on large needles...can we say instant gratification??? I hope to finish it this weekend but it is off to the in-laws house on Saturday-not that I don't enjoy a little QT with the family but none of my new family knits so that don't quite grasp the ADDICTION! I have only been married 45 days I am still breaking them in. Give me 90 days and we are in business.

Inserting camera into work bag....are ya'll proud yet ????

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