Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Belief in Mankind

So, today my belief in mankind was renewed!!!We are in the process of painting the new store(2900 Devine Street-in case you have not heard) and it is a beast. The walls were the color of a terra cotta pot, making it feel more like an adobe than a delightful store and the ceilings were painted baby food green, like the sky was falling but you were a tiny person on a baby bib and the sky was the mouth of a baby newly on food! Can you picture it?

Anyway, Mrs. Jot, the store I share space with, happened upon a painter yesterday! We could not afford for him to paint the entire store but the ceilings were a job only Mr. In the Loop and Mr. Jot were tall enough to complete, you can only imagine their excitement (can you say not so silent business partners?) This afternoon we went to pay the painter for our brand new ceilings and he had finished the ENTIRE store for no extra charge. Just said he had and slow morning and "wanted to help a sister out." Praise the Lord-what a man!!! If any of you need a painter, I know just the guy!

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Kate Loves Hats said...

Hooray! What a sweet heart. Should I ever need (afford!) painting I will be sure to look him up