Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I cannot believe it has been over a year since my last blog-no blog, no pictures and nothing but lies, all hopes and dreams of posting pictures dashed by a digital camera thief. That trip to the beach my digital camera took with the husband never made the trip back-it must be swimming with the fishes.

Good news and hopeful redemption: new digital camera came for Christmas and it is resolution time. Mine-blogging and the very unoriginal but with the best of intentions "be healthy." Bloggin' should feel pretty special since it has ranked up there with the #1 resolution of all time!

Wouldn't it be nice to assign New Year's resolutions? You know-let's say "pretty good husband" says his new year's resolution is to workout but you really wish it would be hang up the suits that he wears every day that end up in the floor... every day. Or that the "pretty nice skinny friend" says she is going to eat less chocolate in '09 but if we were doling them out we would say her assigned resolution is to quit discussing her inability to find clothes that don't swallow her! Or even your"pretty great mom" resolves to improve her correspondence with friends and family but all you really want her to do is stop calling you on her cell phone and then immediately turning it off so when you call her back it goes straight to voicemail. (that might improve our correspondence)I think I might google how this whole resolution thing got started and determine if we could get this making New Year's resolutions FOR the people we love best catch on. Happy New Year and we'll talk knitting next time! You can all be witness to my resolution success!

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