Monday, February 1, 2010

One click away from a breakdown!

How often do you use your computer in an average day? My answer is TOO MANY! My computer went to techno heaven on Thursday and I have been in mourning! First of all, I reach for my computer approximately 88 times a day-just to help a customer, send an email, type up the class schedule, look up an address or a phone number(yes, I know there is a phone book) or even the occasional glance at facebook! That is a lot of "reaching" when there is no computer there. I have debated running In the Loop with a ledger and an abacus. Who thinks my accountant would love that? I mostly just wanted to apologize if I have been out of loop-which I obviously never want to be. If you are emailing me, please know that is still a problem to be solved. The Febuary class schedule is on the blog and I have tried to contact most of you loyal knitters with my personal email! I have spent four days trying to determine what exactly was lost in with the beloved laptop. My insanity might be at the top of that list!

Don't forget In the Loop is turning 3 and we are celebrating on Friday the 5th-have a cupcake and a discount price! Cupcakes and yarn=heaven!

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Elizabeth said...

YIKES, sorry about your computer! Happy Birthday to In the Loop!!